‘You can’t solve a problem with the same manner of thinking that created it’

Chris Zeevenhooven

Early 1998 Chris was sworn in as a lawyer at CMS Derks Star Busmann Amsterdam. Initially she worked in a general / corporate law practice and later on in employment law. Chris has a broad expertise in the sports industry.

In 2005 Chris became an entrepreneur herself, first as a partner with a full service law firm where she was responsible for the labor and business law sections. In 2014 she started her own firm.

Chris assists companies and individuals in all aspects of employment and corporate law. In addition to having superior legal knowledge in the field of labor and business law, she also advises and assists entrepreneurs and enterprises beyond the specific legal issues at hand.

The fact that Chris is a lawyer and an entrepreneur makes her a valuable legal partner. Chris always relates to and deals with “people and work” in any capacity; as employee, director or shareholder.

By  participating in round table presentations and informal business meeting with managers, HR departments and others involved in the organization of her clients, Chris provides added value to her clients.

Chris always works as a team with her clients. She is convinced that the best result in business can only be achieved if there is full commitment and good cooperation between lawyer and client.

In 2004 Chris successfully completed a postgraduate labor law specialization training at Grotius. She is a member of various subject-related associations, including the Association of Employment Lawyers Netherlands (VAAN), Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Association (VAAA), the Association for Labor Law, and the Association for Sports and Law.

chris@zadv.nl | +31 (0)6 15 06 85 76

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Chris Zeevenhooven

Chris is in 1998 als advocaat begonnen bij CMS Derks Star Busmann te Amsterdam. Van 2005 tot en met 2013 is zij als partner verbonden geweest aan een middelgroot kantoor en in 2014 is zij…
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Fanny van Nie

Fanny is in 1991 op de Antillen begonnen als advocaat met een algemene praktijk. Daarna is zij teruggekeerd naar Nederland, waar ze eerst een aantal jaren als zelfstandig advocaat…
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Adrienne Honnebier

Adrienne heeft de afgelopen 10 jaar als in-house bedrijfsjurist gewerkt bij makelaarskantoor DTZ Zadelhoff, later “Cushman & Wakefield”. Sinds eind 2016 als Head Legal Netherlands…
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René van Beurden

René is sinds 1995 werkzaam als advocaat in de algemene/ondernemingsrechtelijke praktijk. In de eerste jaren van zijn praktijk heeft hij vooral grote ‘privately owned’ industriële…
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Anouschka Herrera

Juridisch secretaresse
Anouschka is al 21 jaar werkzaam als secretaresse, waarvan 11 jaar als juridisch secretaresse in zowel binnen- als buitenland en voornamelijk gericht op het arbeidsrecht.

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