‘Keep your course, let the waves not distract you’

René van Beurden

René has been working as a lawyer in the area of general and corporate law since 1995.

In the early years of his practice, he mainly assisted ‘privately owned’ industrial and trading companies, being responsible for international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts, joint ventures and legal due diligence assignments. During that time he also acted as general legal and strategic counsel for a globally operating industrial services business.

René assisted many companies and their directors and shareholders in the IT business, especially with regard to entering into and parting from international co-operation and service agreements.

Apart from his hands-on attitude, René is particularly effective in complex situations where it comes down to choosing the best possible course steering clear form all kinds of obstacles. Over the years René has developed an underexposed specialization in legal and strategic assistance of high profile clients.

René advises and supports his clients as clearly and pragmatically as possible. His added value lies in his ability to translate his experience and legal skills to a practical and proportionate solution, litigating with gusto only as means to an end.

In addition to his work as an attorney at law René is also involved as an arbitrator with e-Court, which is the largest arbitration institute in the Netherlands for online dispute resolution.

Telefoonnummer: +31 20 205 20 10

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René van Beurden

René has been working as a lawyer in the area of general and corporate law since 1995. In the early years of his practice, he mainly assisted ‘privately owned’ industrial and trading companies…
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